Members reporting unable to login:

Integrating with clickbank:

This is the page I see when logged into my admin DAP account and try to access the set member dashboard page

and that sends me to a page with this message:

Here's how I have it set up:

NOTE: Originally the "product name" in dap and product name in clickbank did NOT match up perfectly. I thought just the item number in clickbank had to match up with the item number in the payment link generated? Would this mess it up?

I've also been getting these emails after sales have been made but no clue how to correct this:

This one below doesn't even seem to describe a product name I even have in either DAP or Clickbank set up:

Now I did NOT have the post-login page set for the product under "7 advanced" but I DID have that page set under the global setting:

Here are the emails from customers:

including a bunch of others as well. Yet I know some people have made it in okay because they have taken additional affiliate offers i've promoted within the members area.

Most Recently:

I have a member who's paid, clearly in database but wont let her login because it says he email isnt right. I tried logging in myself and get the same message:

Member login page can be found at