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I’ve turned this upside down and inside out, thinking of a way to make this even more affordable (widely available). And again, I’ve decided to give you reign in hand to choose which package would be best for you and your loved ones.

Maybe you already get a perfect full-night sleep. Or maybe you don’t need the full version of Wave Booster because you already have a sound frequency meditation app that works for you. 

So I’ve taken the advancedmodulel out of the full Biorhythm Wave Booster, all while keeping the essentials.

And again, this is a clever and scientifically proven system that will put your body’s energy and vibrations on overdrive from the first run... All backed up by Heather’s guided meditation audio files… A system that will also help you reduce stress, control anxiety, boost emotional health and reduce age-related memory loss.

You WILL NOT see this offer again, it is only available for our most dedicated and determined members. People that want not only to know what their future holds, but also how to change that future to their advantage.

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Plus, you're protected by the 365 day money back guarantee as well.

365-Day Money Back Guarantee

For whatever reason if at any time during the next 365 days, if you are not 100% satisfied with The Wave Booster Add-On, please contact our support team at support@TheBiorhythm.com and we will gladly issue you a full refund.

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Don't kick yourself later and grab the full Wave Booster audio program while you can now. This truly is your last chance.

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Get the core program and receive none of the more advanced brain frequency rhythms you'll appreciate having down the road.


I’m going to pass on this Pilot Program, even though I’m covered by the 365 Days Money Back Guarantee. I understand that I will not have another opportunity to join and that if I decide I want to add this upgrade to The Biorhythm at a later date, I will have to pay the full $197 retail price.