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How many offers are you promoting that force you to deal with a JV manager? Not with me! We work together making sure you have all the tools you need, pixels are placed, and even get cash bonuses for months you crush it!

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Anytime Derek tells me he has a new offer, I'm 100% on board to promote it as I already know the offer will convert!

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I've learned over the years that there are a few people on the platform that produce winner after winner. One of those people is Derek.

Robby Blanchard

#1 Clickbank Affiliate

His products are solid and his reputation has been stellar

I've been working with Derek for the better part of 3 years now and he is a fantastic marketer, vendor and just overall good guy.

Anytime I've needed anything (even when just starting) he's been on top of it...he's a stellar example of what all vendors should emulate.

He also is constantly working to improve all aspects of his products from the funnel, to customer service, to customer retention and is on the cutting edge of using technology to make things overall better for the customers and affiliates.

Sean Khang

TOP Super Affiliate

Killed It With Our Green Energy Solar list...

I did 2 drops to this cool offer back in February and all I can say is My green energy list LOVES The Biorhythm! 

And I'm saying "LOVES" because they're well into their 4th month using it, with an incredible stickrate.

Double digit conversion rates and high customer value!

Adrian Iacob

Platinum Vendor and Affiliate

Sorry Weight Loss... This Niche is MUCH larger!

This is the ONLY product in the Clickbank marketplace that appeals to nearly every category in one single offer. We've created multiple sale pages that convert cold traffic like crazy... No matter who watches!



We reveal a person's physical rhythm and this accurately shows someone the best and worst days for exercising. The Biorhythm shows you the days you can really push the limits of your workout and the days you may struggle or should avoid working out altogether.



Everyone's Biorhythm reading will include a few very dangerous days each day we call "Critical Days". These are days you're most likely to experience physical harm and knowing these days ahead of time could actually be life-saving.



This offer has truly transformed peoples lives and we've even heard we've helped prevent potential suisides it's so powerful. Everyone goes through life pretty blindly with no idea what tomorrow will bring. We help reveal what your days ahead may look like for the first time. When you know what's coming, you can properlly prepare youself. When you've wandered off your lifepath... This is a roadmap with a shortcut to finding your way back.



Go to any casino and you'll spot that one little old lady who means business... She's not there to play, shes there to WIN and win she does! Odds are she knows something no one else in the casino does... Her biorythm! We've all heard the expressions "You're on a lucky streak" and "your lucks run out" Well, this actually helps show people the days they'll experience a lucky streak and the days they should avoide any gambling. Members love this for casino's, sports betting and lottery tickets!



Will I ever find my soulmate? Is the person I'm with the right one for me? Is my celebrity crush compatible with me? These are a few questions members all have answered when they join and make this an easy sell to the dating and relationship markets. This is the only tool that understands compatibility is a flowing and changing thing.



This one is the most obvious and why I saved the best for last! Personal development, law of attraction, manifestation, alternative beliefs, numerology, astrology and so on are our bread and butter for this offer. It converts like crazy because this is something brand new in the space and compliments each of these elements without having to compete with them!

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This event is often located at only the finest all-inclusive tropical resorts around the world and is a mix of adventure, fun, educational keynotes from celebrities in our industry and "networking" **cough** Drinking at the open bar **cough**

Take care of me and I'll take care of you, covering your cost of this often pricy and always quickly sold-out event each year!

Here’s what people on the inside of Clickbank have to say...

I moved some of my business over to Clickbank in 2012 and was instantly a Platinum Vendor every single year with my offers. Since that time we've generated well over 8 figgures in sales and rewarded affilites handsomly who chose to promote us over all the other offers.

Derek is a ClickBank OG and has been behind successful offer after successful offer

"He is easy to work with and if you are promoting his offers you can do it with confidence that it is going to perform well. The only problem is that he loves the Toronto Raptors far too much haha."

Kyle Kostechka

Clickbank Platinum Rep

Derek is extremely reliable and diligent in all of his work.

"It is all professional, good quality, and he holds it to the highest standard."

Iman Benraoui

Clickbank Platinum Rep


Lets get all your basic questions out of the way!

How Much Will I Make Per Sale?

The short answer? A HECK of a lot!!

The longer answer is that the lifetime option program with all the upsells is $335.95! And we have a series of downsells as long as a revolutionary upsell flow we have in place for "second chance upsells"

We are new but based on current data we've seen our stick rate at 4-6 months meaning a single monthly sale of $37 could turn into $222 ALONE! If they stick with us for the year... That's $444! This is one of the few offers on Clickbank that you can actually lose money month 1 and be instantly profitable month 2!

And get this!!! While every other offer pays out less than 30% commissions on their rebills... We give you 70-100% based on volume for our entire funnel ACROSS THE BOARD!!! That's upsells, downsells, every single rebill and even back end sales we make for you to our other upcoming offers. My goal is to make you RICH!

How Are Your Top Affiliates Promoting?

Email is KING in this niche and I guarantee this will be the highest producing offer you've ever sent! We've tested it extensively across multiple niches and it crushed it every, single, TIME!

Facebook traffic is also HUGE and this is easily a 5 figure earner per day from Facebook traffic! I hook you up with everything you need to hit the ground running with your Facebook Ads inside the affiliate area!

Can You Place My Facebook Pixel?

Heck yes! Inside the Affiliate area, you'll find a special form you can fill out to submit your pixel to us. We usually add pixels twice per day for Affiliates!

Can I get A Buyers List?

We send you our freshly hashed buyers lists immediately after we've uploaded your purchase Facebook pixel! Create a lookalike audience from that and go CRUSH IT!!

What's Your Refund Rate?

These honestly fluctuate any given month but let's say between 10-16% at any time. Because this is a front end recurring offer we see higher rates from people forgetting to cancel, being billed, and then asking for cancelation and refund of the last rebill... Even though they've paid out for say 4 months already!.

Can You Bump My Commission?

Ofcourse! We actually give you your first bump for just signing up to be an affiliate on this page!

The second bump comes when you've reached 100 $1 trial sales within a single day of transactions! 

On top of that, we pay a 20% cash bonus to our super affiliates every single month! Reach out for details on that if you run high volume!

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